Sale of Apartments

The apartments at Camacuri Residence & Apartments are not only for rent, but also for sale.
The complex is owned by the “Condominium Co-operation Association Camacuri Residence Ver. UA”. This is a cooperative with 39 shares. A management company is responsible for the daily operations. Chairman of the cooperative is Mr. Fred Wapenaar.

You can become co-owner and member of the cooperative by purchasing one share in the cooperative exploitation Condominium Co-operation Association Camacuri Residence Ver. U.A. This share gives you the exclusive right to use a specific apartment in addition to the pro rata entitlement to the net assets of the association (= building).

There are two ways in which the apartment may be used:
1. You may come and live here.
You pay the monthly membership fee and the cost of electricity and water incurred by you.

2. You enter into an operation agreement with us:
This means that when you are not using your apartment, we rent it to (holiday) guests.
You will receive an annual 3.5% interest on the purchase amount, as well as the right for you and/or your immediate family to a free stay in the apartment for 14 days per year. The charges, including membership dues, are at our expense during those 14 days.

If you wish to stay in Camacuri for more than 14 days, a daily rate will be charged based on the monthly membership fee and a small fee for use of the furnishings. For those days you will not receive the 3.5% interest. In all cases, electricity and water are charged separately.

When you recommend Camacuri to family or friends, and, after you have informed us this results in a direct booking with us, you will receive a commission of 10% of the net proceeds of that booking.

If you are interested in buying an apartment in Camacuri Residence & Apartments, we will gladly send you the statutes, regulations and contracts. Please express your interest here.