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Aruba has a lot to offer for a wonderful holiday. Sun, sea, beaches, nature, restaurants & nightlife. On many websites you can read about these. You will therefore not find information about the famous touristy spots here. For that, we refer you to for example Aruba.com and VisitAruba.com.
On this page we give you some special places that are often not mentioned on the tourist websites. The tips come from our own staff and guests such as yourself.

Natural bridges

You may know that “The Natural Bridge”, formerly a famous tourist attraction of Aruba, unfortunately collapsed in 2005. However, there are several other natural bridges on Aruba albeit smaller than the collapsed one. Right next to the collapsed bridge a smaller natural bridge may be admired.
You can also take a beautiful hike in the rough terrain behind the lighthouse on the hill in the Seroe Colorado area. Here, with some searching, you’ll find two natural bridges. From here you can continue your walk straight to Baby Beach. Ask the reception for the route description.


Besides the aforementioned rocky walk in Seroe Colorado, we recommend a long walk along the beautiful beaches of Eagle beach or Palm beach. Another special experience is to make a so called “rooi” hike; you will see many native plants and animals, especially after it has rained. Sometimes trails like this can be done with a guide. In Arikok Park they’ll be happy to inform you about the possibilities.

“Rondje Aruba”, written by Mike Staring, is a booklet with the route to walk completely around Aruba. This can be done in six stages of 15 kilometers. The booklet can be borrowed at the reception, or is available at bookstores.


Besides the beaches that can be found on the maps, there are several small “bocas” (inlets) located on the north coast, including those in the Arikok park. Step out of the car to admire these beautiful bays. Swimming is often prohibited and/or too dangerous.

Local food

At “Peanuts” you may run into Arubans who often eat their lunch here. It’s also open for dinner. Local food is served at reasonable prices. Peanuts is on the Adriaan Laclé Boulevard at about a 20 min walk from Camacuri.

“De Suikertuin” is situated in a beautiful authentic building on the Wilhelmina Street (about 20 minutes walk). Here, in a casual atmosphere, you can enjoy local dishes such as Keshi Yena. Open for breakfast and lunch.

At “The West Deck” they serve your lunch or dinner in “tapas-style”. It’s a little pricey, although you will have a beautiful panoramic view of the sea. You can even sit and have a drink with your feet in the sand. The West Deck is located on the seaward side of the LG Smith Boulevard, just before the bridge across the Lagoon. You can walk it in about 20 minutes.

At “De Zeerover” you eat fresh fish and shrimps in a basic but cozy Caribbean outdoor ambiance. The restaurant is very popular with locals. The fish can be accompanied by panbati, fried plantains and french fries. You sit right by the sea (on platforms) with a lovely view. Takeout is also possible. De Zeerover is in Savaneta, about 20 minutes by car from Camacuri.

Of course the front desk can book the above (and other) restaurants for you. Would you like more information, please contact us.

Aruban Delights

Saco: Genuine local food is called “saco” (“sack”). A paper bag with chicken pieces, fried plantains, thick fries and a “johnny cake”, a bun fried in oil. In various eateries, especially in San Nicolas, you can buy it for around Afl. 14, -. Often it is only take-out, as they do not have sitting-space.

Pastechi: Local hot “snack” consisting of fried dough with cheese, meat or fish. Pastechis are usually eaten in the morning, on the way to work. Available for a few florins at many supermarkets and small snack spots.

Local culture

Aruba has a special kind of building architecture of the houses. The so-called “kunuku’ houses exist nowhere else in the world. Driving inland (getting lost is difficult and you’ll always reach back on a main road!) you’ll spot plenty of these old houses. Some still have original symbols on the front.

And you?
If you discover other noteworthy delights during your stay in Aruba, let us know! We are happy to include your tips on this page.