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History of Camacuri Residence & Apartments

Camacuri Layout

Map of the terrain and the location of the apartments.

Camacuri Residence & Apartments was built in the eighties. At the beginning there were 23 apartments: studios and one-bedroom apartments. The pool lay between these apartments. Later, in the early 90s, the luxurious one bedroom apartments and two bedroom apartments were constructed. The pool was moved to the more spacious tropical garden between the new apartments.

Camacuri Residence & Apartments now consists of 39 apartments. The studios and the standard one-bedroom apartments are on the courtyard and the deluxe one bedroom apartments and two bedroom apartments overlook the tropical garden with swimming pool.

The area of the complex is over 5000 m2.


Camacuri Residence & Apartments is centrally located on Aruba. It is just outside of the city center, making it surprisingly quiet and peaceful. Camacuri is a 10 minute walk from a lovely, cozy beach (Nikky beach) and 5 minutes from a grocery store, shops and bus stop. The center of Oranjestad with its shopping malls and night life is 15 minutes by foot. The airport is about a 5 minutes drive away.

Social responsibility

At Camacuri we try to be as responsible as possible with energy, water, waste, and especially with our staff. We do not pretend that we work in a completely sustainable way, but we do our best to exploit the possibilities. Some examples of how we work:

  • We separate waste – within the Aruban possibilities for this – and give our guests the opportunity to do the same
  • The purified waste water is used for irrigation of the gardens
  • We encourage guests to use towels more than once
  • We advise guests to take the bus; there is a bus stop nearby, from where you can get almost anywhere on the island
  • We encourage guests to conserve water and energy, such as turning off the air conditioning when they leave
  • We create a respectful and pleasant working environment for motivated employees and we are open to suggestions from the staff
  • If necessary, we provide training for staff who need an extra helping hand (such as language courses)

Of course there are opportunities to work more sustainably. We are currently figuring out whether it is feasible to use solar panels, to switch to environmentally friendly cleaning products and to place motion sensors so lights will automatically turn off. And we are working on building collaborations with other apartment complexes on the island, in order to achieve upscaling, among others in the CSR field.

We are happy to work with you, our guest, to make Camacuri as sustainable as possible!

If you have any questions about Camacuri, please contact us.